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March 2014

Dr. Andrew Charles, UCLA's Meyer and Renee Luskin Professor of Migraine and Headache Studies and director of the headache research and treatment program in the UCLA Department of Neurology, was quoted in two March 28 Los Angeles Times articles about the latest research on migraines and potential new treatments.

Migraine disorder comes with its own set of clues to preventing pain
Migraine disorder affects 12% of people in the U.S., mostly women, and its symptoms can be debilitating. But finding ways to keep life on an even keel can help prevent the pain.

New promise for migraine sufferers
New drugs, herbal remedies and magnetic stimulation are among the options for migraine sufferers.

In 2013, an MRF Research Grant was awarded to Serapio M. Baca, PhD (Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA) for examining the role of astrocytes in migraine using optogenetic methods and studying the role that astrocytes (cells in the brain and spinal cord) play in migraine pathophysiology. | Migraine Research Foundation

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